Castle Gogar Revisted

I’ve had an update from the new owner of Castle Gogar, once owned by one of my ancestors (see more here). She explained that Brenda Steel Maitland died in 2003, she left the castle and estate to Gordon Stewart who looked after her in later life. The castle was in much need of restoration, so it was put up for sale and bought by Scott and Lesley Seath. They set about restoring the castle, and split up the estate to form 5 modern houses and 3 stable conversions in oder to pay for the restoration. Apparently, the local council turned down the original plans for old fashioned type houses and wanted properties with a complete contrast to the old castle. Check out the Castle Gogar Estate site to see the development, which could easily have had been featured on Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud enthusing about the juxtaposition of the old and new. Mr Seath seems to have done pretty well with the cottages selling for £300,000 each, the new houses for around £1.5 million each and the castle + 3 acres sold separately.

Castle Gogar Restored
Castle Gogar Restored

The new owner’s sent some great photos of the restored castle and there’s an interesting article from property news section of The Scotsman about the renovation (see King of Castles). I also like the Le Corbusier comes to Edinburgh article from The Sunday Times, which tells a lovely story about the former owner Lady Steel-Maitland and her friendship with her tenant Gordon Stewart. The article mentions that photographs show her as “glamorous with a penchant for fashions with a nipped-in waist and large hats”, which I’d love to show on the blog as I rarely have any images of those I mention on here.

Castle Gogar in Winter
Castle Gogar in Winter

I’m running out of disk space here so can’t show all the photos of the new Castle Gogar Estate, but I’ve uploaded a photo below which should give you an idea of the contrast between the actual castle and the newer buildings. These came offered with such optional extras as an indoor pool, home cinema, gym, sauna, library and games room.

Castle Gogar Estate
Castle Gogar Estate

You can find find out more about the Castle on Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland site here, but it’s also interesting to see the castle just as refurb started over on Multimap here. Anyway, I’m grateful to the new owner for the update, and all the info and photos. Hope I get invited round for a cup of tea if I’m ever in the area as I love to see how the Castle’s been turned into a family home, which was just what it needed.

13 thoughts on “Castle Gogar Revisted

  1. Hi – did you know that Brenda Steel-Maitland was also a top quality artist and left a large collection of her paintings which were sold at her death. I purchased one or two myself including a really good oil painting of Castle Gogar itself, even more fascinating as a historical record now that the building has had a makeover. Adrian

    1. Adrian … very interesting to hear about the painting of Gogar Castle. Not sure if you have a photo but would love to post it on my blog.


  2. As a child i visited with my mother who was neice to Brenda and I think her sister was called Dorothy. I have photographs of that time – now in my 50’s it must have been about 30 to 40 years ago. I can of course share more but would rather know who i am sending this to first – we could be related.
    Margaret – Reading Berkshire UK

  3. My ancestor originally owned Castle Gogar. Chances are I’ll never get to Scotland to view first hand, but I would love to see the painting of the castle and photos of the interior.

    1. Mark … sorry for tardy response. Think I must have missed your comment, but I’d love to visit Castle Gogar along with a whole hose of other houses and castles owned by my Scottish ancestors.

  4. Hi,
    My Aunt worked for Wrights dental company for years and stayed with Lady Steel Maitland and her husband in the Castle many times. She is now 85 and in failing health. She was given a painting of the castle, unfortunately not done by Lady Steel Maitland, which we still have.
    We have a few photos of the inside of the castle too.

      1. I would be delighted to send on some photos once I get home to Australia!We are in Dundee at the moment on Holiday.

  5. Hi, I was the architect who, whilst an Associate with the Practice of Yeoman McAllister, oversaw the restoration of Castle Gogar in 2004 for the then owners, Scott & Lesley Seath. I also designed the five contemporary ‘Modernist’ residences in the grounds together with the 3 no. converted Stable cottages.

    It was a wonderful Project and I absolutely loved working on it.
    I now have my own small Practice which I’m enjoying very much. Really impressed with your excellent website.


    1. Ian … thanks for comments and loved looked at your work. Very grand designs, and I wish you the best of success with new practice.



  6. Thank you so much Justin.
    Apologies for the delay in replying to your message but have only just
    seen it on the Castle Gogar website.

    All the Best,


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