Ramsay’s revisited 3 (amendment)

Whoops turns out I’ve made a mistake about the Ramsays. Peter Ramsay ran the White Horse Inn, in St. Mary’s Wynd, Edinburgh. Boswell seems to have frequented the Inn and Dr Johnson even stayed there. His death was recorded in the Scottish Register on Jan 1st 1794 (from Edinburgh Old and New: Volume II):

At his son’s house of Gogar, Co. Edinburgh, Peter Ramsay, Esq., formerly an eminent innkeeper at the Cowgate Port, in which station he acquired upwards of £30,000. He has left one son, William Ramsay, jun., Esq., a banker in Edinburgh, and one daughter, the widow of Captain Mansfield, of the South Fencible Regiment, who lost his life in Leith in 1779, when attempting to quell a mutiny.

This makes William Ramsay (junior), the cousin rather than brother of my ancestor George Ramsay of Barnton. Interestingly, they ended up with the same son-in-law.

Firstly, Georgina Ramsay (daughter of George Ramsay and Jean Hamilton) marries Sir Thomas Woollaston White of Wallingwells, 2nd Bt. on 4 March 1824. She died on 2 December 1825, and two years later Sir Thomas then marries the daughter of , William Ramsay and Bethia Hamilton. The The Peerage site lists her as the unknown daughter, but according to Edmund Lodge’s book on the peerage and baronetage of the british empire (1861) she was Mary Euphemia Ramsey, and they had a least three children.

I’m guessing Georgina died during childbirth because according to Edmund Lodge’s book she had a daughter with Sir Thomas Woollaston called Georgina who married the Hon. Horace Manners Monckton (see here), poss. son of William George Monckton-Arundell, 5th Viscount Galway.

Sounds like one of Georgette Heyer’s romantic historical novels, and there’s more on the White and Woolaston White of Suffolk and Wallingwells here.

I found another daughter of George Ramsay and Jean Hamilton on Kitty Brewster’s site:

Sir ARCHIBALD DUNBAR, 7th Bt, DL, JP. Born 5 July 1803. Died 6 January 1898. Convenor co Elgin for forty-two years. Lieutenant in the Army. Married first, 12 June 1827, KEITH ALICIA RAMSAY (dvu 15 March 1836), daughter of George Ramsay and the Hon Jean, née Hamilton, sister of 7th Baron Belhaven. Married second, 5 November 1840, SOPHIA ORRED (died 2 June 1909), daughter of George Orred. He had issue by both marriages.

I used to walk past the current Sir Archie Dunbar’s house in Duffus near Elgin, every day on my way to breakfast when I was at Gordonstoun. I was in Duffus House, which was rented from him. He lived at the Old Manse up the road and we referred to him as the Laird. I’m pretty certain we could see Duffus Castle (see photo below) from our dormitory window, although it was quite some time ago., and I remember seeing the Northern Lights there for the first time more vividly though.

Duffus Castle

Back to the Ramsays, and I’ve already mentioned how William Ramsay Ramsay, esq. was the only son and heir of George Ramsay, esq. of Barnton, and had the distinction of “the richest commoner in Scotland.” He was also “widely known on the turf for a considerable number of years” and on Aug. 4, 1828 married, the Hon. Mary Sandilands, the only daughter of Lord Torphichen (see more here). I’ve also shown my descent from his sister Susan Ramsay and the Maitlands here.

Anyway, I’m fascinated by the connections between the Ramsays, Hamilton, Maitlands and Marjoribanks. There seems to be a definite masonic connection at least between Sir Alexander Charles Gibson-Maitland (3rd Baronet of Cliftonhall) and George Ramsey, Esq., the younger of Barnton, according to the History of Free Masonry and the Grand Lodge of Scotland by William Alexander Laurie and Daniel Brewster (see here).. Maybe this how Sir Alexander’s son comes to marry George’s daughter Susan. Sir John Marjoribanks, 1st Bart of Lees, who marries George Ramsay’s sister Alison also gets a name check in the same book as an acting Grand Master. I can’t work out if the older William Ramsay and Robert Hamilton (Lord Belhaven) were also masons, or maybe they were both regulars at the White Horse owned by William’s brother Peter. I’d love to find our more about the Ramsay family not least because they have had a big impact on the Maitland family with once branch assuming the name of Ramsey-Steel- Maitland. In fact, the current occupier of Gogar Castle is Lady Steel Maitland.


2 thoughts on “Ramsay’s revisited 3 (amendment)

  1. Hi there found your article interesting. As the owner of Castle Gogar thought I would let you know that Lady Steel Maitland died some years ago, the property was bought and completely renovated and restored and we bought the castle after restoration. It looks nothing like the photos on Ratho History.

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