ebay auction family memorabilia

I noticed that ebay were auctioning a piece of family history (see here). It’s a 1846 Act of Parliament by Wm. Ramsay Ramsay, Barnton. I’m a descendant of William’s father George and his sister Susan Ramsey (my great great great great grandmother), who married Alexander Maitland. I’ve already blogged about William’s obituary (see here), where among other things it mentions that he was a Scottish MP, “was widely known on the turf for a considerable number of years”, and “the richest commoner in Scotland”.

I’m not going to be bidding but interesting to see this type of thing being auctioned on ebay. I thought the description and photo might be of interest to those of my family in the estate management/property fund management arena:

An Act to enable William Ramsay Ramsay of Barnton, Heir of Entail in possession of Barnton and other Estates in the County of Edinburgh, to borrow Money upon the Security of the said Estates for the Repayment of Monies laid out in the Improvement of the said Estate, and to enable him and his Successors to grant Feus of certain Parts thereof; and for other Purposes therein expressed [27th July 1846]

Wm. Ramsay Ramsay, Barnton


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