Descent from Genghis Khan revisited

My niece Sophie reckons I shouldn’t be so quick to give up on the Genghis Khan ancestry (see more here). She vaguely remembered something about him breeding like a bunny from Anthro. 101 genetic trends, but also pointed me to a New Scientist article “that suggested that Mongol emperor Genghis Khan has 16 million descendants after conquering most of Asia in the 13th century”.

Maybe I’m also one of the to three million men around the world that according to a recent genetic survey could be descended from a prolific medieval Irish king known as “Niall of the Nine Hostages:

Medieval Irish warlord boasts three million descendants

Well, in Ireland the Kirby name and variations like Kerwick and O’Kirwick were first found in County Limerick, where members of the family were chiefs of the Eoghanacht clan of Munster. The names are derived from O’Ciarmaic, which in Gaelic is descriptive of the son of a dark brown father. This opens up a whole new area of ancestral research.

My niece also pointed out that there’s another article form the New Scientist that shows it’s debatable as to how many traits we inherit from our ancestors, so we really have no excuse for any of our current bad behaviour (more here). She thinks this is a shame as she and her friend were quite keen on becoming pirates, or at least moving to the Caribbean. I can’t say I’ve discovered any pirates yet although according to an American Professor my great great great grandfather was more than likely up to no good (see more here).

As far as inherited characteristics are concerned, I’d heard somewhere that bank balance was one of the most common. I’m less convinced given my current financial circumstances compared to the fortunes made by the likes of ancestors such as Lloyd Baxendale and William Ramsey (see more here), or even the great great great grandfather who was apparently up to no good. That’s why this blog is called a tale in downward social mobility!

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