Rafael, my 8th cousin twice removed

Rafael Madan, my 8th cousin twice removed by his calculation, has been in touch and has very kindly sent me an Ahnentafel (i.e., an ancestor table), setting out all of my ancestors of which he has any information in his files. I’ll need to work out how to show the connection between the Madens, Maitlands and Kirby, but basically it goes back 9 generations to Sir Alexander Maitland, 1st Bart (1728-1820) who married Penelope Madan (d 1805) in 1754:

9th Generation:
288. Gen. the Hon. Sir Alexander Maitland, I Baronet, was born on 21 Mar 1728 (7th son). On obtaining a marriage license on 6 Jul 1754 from the Archbishop of at Canterbury Vicar General’s Office, London, he married Penelope Madan on 6 Jul 1754 at St.George’s Anglican Church, Hanover (Golden) Square, Mayfair, London; they had eight children of which the preparer of this Ahnentafel is aware. As of 12 Oct 1793, he was a General in the British Army. He was created a Baronet on 30 Nov 1818. He died on 14 Feb 1820 at age 91 and was buried at St.Andrew’s Anglican Church, Totteridge, Hertfordshire, England, where there is a monumental tablet and an elaborate tomb. His estate was probated on 16 Mar 1820 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London.

289. Penelope Madan (wife of the immediately preceding) was born on 20 Dec 1730 at Holyport (near Maidenhead), Berkshire, England. She died on 22 Dec 1805 at Totteridge and was buried at St.Andrew’s Anglican Church there, where there is a monumental tablet and an elaborate tomb.

Sir Alexander and Penelope are my ancestors. Her father was Lt-Col. Martin Madan, M.P. (see more below). His older brother Robert Madan is Rafeal’s ancestor, who went to Spain and then to Cuba. As a result, Rafael reckons I have approximately 55 trillion Cuban/Spanish relatives, so I could get pretty busy if they all start getting in touch. His parents fled Castro in the early 1960s, with my five older sisters; the last five of his family were born in the States. He explains that his (very large) family is Catholic, and muscularly so. I can well understand what he means, coming from a Catholic family myself, with 21 first cousins all from my mother’s side as my father was an only child.

I’m grateful to Rafael for connecting and sharing the information he’s sent over. I’ll be having to blog about this as installments to really do it justice, and will be updating him on some of the gaps. So more to follow soon.


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