my genealogy dead-ends: Diane’s Database

I’ve been noticing a whole host of websites that stop well short of having me included in the family trees they are working on. I thought I set-up a category and include them on this blog simply because they reference my ancestors, so it’s good to keep a record of these sources for (if and) when I actually do something more structured. I’m starting with Diane’s Database by Diane Wolford Sheppard, only because I decided to post about these dead-ends having just visited her site.

There’s absolutely no reason why Diane should have included me as her database is work in progress, and includes “all of the French Canadians who settled in Detroit, Michigan and Sandwich/Windsor, Ontario prior to 1783, Scottish Peers and the descents of French Canadian & American Immigrants from Medieval Noble & Royal Families”.

It’s just that her database stops with John Carmichael , 1st earl of Hyndford and Beatrix Drummond, of Madderty. That’s 11 generations before me (see more here). She cites the following source:

Scots Peerage
Author: , James Balfour Paul
Publication: 1904 – 1914
Note: Detroit Public Library (Mi).
Media: Book
Page: Vol. 8, p. 219


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