the first comment and connection: Rafael Madan

I received my first comment today from Rafael Madan, who wrote to say that he has great deal of information on the Maitlands and the Madans. (Penelope Madan’s grandfather was the younger brother of his own direct Madan ancestor.) He’d also spent a few days at Downside (Benedictine) Abbey when he was in England, with (Rev. Dom) Keith Maitland (the only son of my great great uncle Angus Charles Majoribanks Maitland brother, Angus), who used to be ‘subprior there’.

Funnily enough my mother had mentioned that Keith Maitland was a monk at Downside recently. Turns out that I’d almost been sent to the college there as well. I did meet his father Angus Charles Majoribanks Maitland a few times although was too young to be interested to find out much about my family history then. I do remember being very impressed to hear that he broken some world speed record on a motorcycle before the war. Apparently, he was still competing and winning quite late on in his life, which used to surprise and annoy the local lads. I’d love to catch-up with (Rev. Dom) Keith Maitland to hear more and find out if he also remembers much about his aunt and uncle.

Anyway, I’ve replied to Raphael and hope to hear more about what else he knows about the Maitlands and how we are connected to the Maddens.


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