George Goldsmith Kirby and Little Marble Hill, Twickenham

One of the many addresses I’ve found for my great great great grandfather George Goldsmith Kirby is Little Marble Hill in Twickenham. He lived there from about 1861-67, just before his death in 1868. The house was demolished in around 1873, so I contacted the Twickenham Museum to see if they had any paintings, photographs or even a map of the area from the time.

I received a very kind email today explaining that there is probably an Ordnance Survey map of about 1865, and although they don’t have a copy the Richmond Local Studies Library might have. They have an engraving of the house, and I’ve linked through to a small version of this on their website:
Engraving of Little Marble Hill, Twickenham

They also explained that there was an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum, in London, in 2003: Home and Garden which included a painting of the house by John James Chalon made in about 1840. Apparently, the the original watercolour is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, but I may be able to get a copy of the catalogue from the Geffrye Museum.

Well, I now have an excuse to go and visit some of these museums and galleries with my kids when I get back to London at the end of the month. I’m also wondering whether Little Marble Hill would qualify for inclusion on Matthew Beckett’s Lost Heritage: a memorial to the lost country houses of England.


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