Valda Mary Kirby and Lt.Col. Alexander Shepstone Godley mystery?

It was while trying to find out more about my great aunt Valda Mary Kirby (Zara Valda Mari Godley) that I noticed that she was listed on Paul Theroff’s site about The Descendants of King Henry VII of England (see more here). I’d also seen her listed on Ron Taylor’s Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour site, which mentions that she had died in Palembang in Sumatra in 1944. It also mentioned her husband Lt.-Col. A. S. Godley of The Royal Scots. George H. Graham from Tulsa, Oklahoma had also found the announcement of her death in The Times (see below) and has her husband listed as Lt.-Col. Alexander Shepstone Godley (see more here).

The Times, Tuesday, Aug 14, 1945: DEATHS
GODLEY – On June 6, 1944, at Sumatra P.O.W. Camp, VALDA, the beloved wife of Col. A. S. Godley, The Royal Scots.

Valda Mary Kirby

My mother showed me the photo above of Valda and thinks her husband was Alexander Sandy Godley, but I found an Alexander Shepstone Godley mentioned on the Thomas Stobie’s Genealogy Pages (see here). It doesn’t show any dates so I contacted him to see if he thought this was the same person who was also married to my great aunt Valda, but he’s not sure about the link. Seems like the Alexander Shepstone Godley who Thomas Stobie lists married again and had children. Would be fascinating to find out if their father was also married to my great aunt before she died.


7 thoughts on “Valda Mary Kirby and Lt.Col. Alexander Shepstone Godley mystery?

  1. Also, from the Times Archives:
    Saturday July 7, 1928

    The engagement is announced between Alexander Shepstone Godley, The Royal Scots, son of Colonel and Mrs. G. A. Godley, and ZARA VALDA, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Kirby, of Woodyates House, Dorset.

  2. I am the son of Lt Col Sandy Godley. If you would like to know more about him please reply to above email address.

    Many thanks

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