A restored faith in human nature

I can’t help being stunned by the kindness, helpfulness and politeness of most, if not all of those that I have encountered during my ‘research’ into the family history. George H. Graham of Tulsa, Oklahoma has been spectacularly helpful. I originally encountered a page about my great great Uncle Augustus George Kirby on George’s The Thompsons, Shipbuilders of Sunderland site. There was a small mention of my great great great grandfather George Goldsmith Kirby on the page about Augustus George Kirby mentioned above.

My family had only recently found out about the existence of George Goldsmith Kirby via the Trinity College Cambridge Alumni. So I contacted George to find out about other pointers he might have and next thing I know he’s knocked up a page about George Goldsmith Kirby. Then a series of pages started to appear on my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby, my great grandfather George Henry Kirby, my grand father Alfred Reginald ‘Claude’ Kirby, my great grandfather George Keith Maitland and my great great grandfather George Ramsey Maitland. He’d even incorporated some of the photos I had sent with references from The Times Archive.

I can’t thank George enough for all the effort he has gone to, as well as for restoring my faith in human nature. The detail he’s uncovered and his generosity has been quite staggering. I’ve tried to offer him something for his troubles, but he said not to even think about it, as he does this because he enjoys doing it.


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