Clan Maitland or MacAdam Tartan?

While tracing my Scottish ancestry I contacted the Clan Maitland to see if they knew anything about my great grandmother Elsie Maitland, who has become the key to most of my recent genealogical discoveries (more on this here).

I also asked the very helpful Viscount Maitland whether I was too far removed to be entitled to wear the clan tartan. He explained that as far as Clan Maitland are concerned the wearing of the tartan is about signifying allegiance to the Clan and its Chief, so the number of generations is immaterial.

I thought pledging my support for whenever the Clan ever got caught in a tussle might get me a discount, although I did explain that my allegiance would be torn if they ever got into any bother with the McDonnells of Keppoch because of my great great grandmother Theresa. He didn’t see much risk of this happening as he doubted that the families are within cattle thieving range of each other, given that the Maitlands are based in Lauderdale, Galloway and Aberdeen.

Sadly, there’s no discount and I’m not really in the market for a kilt or even tartan trews. I might reconsider this now that my brother has pointed out that we might be entitled to wear the MacAdam tartan based on my recent genealogical research into our biblical roots (see my previous Would you Adam and Eve it? post). He believes the tartan is mostly black stripes on a black background, with occasional single dashed or solid stripes down the middle, and sometimes a yellow stripe down the sides (although there may be penalties for wearing this one between the hours of 9 and 5).

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