Descendant of King Henry VII: blue blood?

It’s been amazing how one thing has led to another during my ongoing research into my family history. So one minute I’m trying to find out about my great aunt Valda Mary who died in Palembang, Sumatra, during the last war. Next thing I discover that I’m one of the many many many Descendants of King Henry VII of England (see below) on the extensive list put together by Paul Theroff. I’m not actually included as yet, but looks like I’ll be indexed as once I get Paul the updated info on my family.

                       Henry VII of England
                         King of England
                   1st 1486 Monarch of Tudor dynasty
                      m. Elizabeth of York
                          Queen Consort 
                          Margaret Tudor
                       Princess of England
                           m. James IV
                          King of Scots
                             James V
                          King of Scots
                       Eupheme Elphinstone
                          Robert Stewart
                        1st Earl of Orkney
                      m. Lady Jean Kennedy
                           (d. 1598)
                        Lady Jean Stewart
                       m. Patrick Leslie
                          Lord Lindores
                            (d. 1608)
                   Margaret Leslie of Lindores
                        m. John Drummond
                        2nd Lord Maderty
                          David Drummond
                        3rd Lord Maderty
                            (d. 1692)
                  m. Beatrix Graham of Montrose
                      Hon. Beatrix Drummond
                       m. John Carmichael
                         Earl of Hyndford
                      Hon. William Carmichael
                         m. Helen Craig
                         Helen Carmichael
                           (d. 1787)
                    m. John Gibson of Durie
                           (d. 1767)
                     Margaret Gibson of Durie
                   m. Alexander Gibson-Wright
                   of Clifton-hall and Kersie 
                           (d. 1819)
                       Helen Gibson-Wright
              m.  Sir Alexander Charles Maitland (2nd Bt)
                       Alexander Maitland
                   m. Susan Ramsay of Barnton
                            (d. 1831)
                     George Ramsay Maitland 
                      m. Alice Anne Nisbet
                           (d. 1869)
                       George Keith Maitland
         m.  Christina Mary Theresa McDonell of Keppoch
                  Alice Marie (Elsie) Maitland
                      m. George Henry Kirby
                  Alfred Reginald Claude Kirby
                   m. Rosemary Louise FitzHerbert Wright 
                        Giles Simon Kirby
                 m. Angela Mary Julie Birtwistle

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